September 2016

1 The best part of fall
2 Where I want to be
3 What does content look like?
4 Something I want to try
5 This week successes
6 My first memory of one friend
7 Advice to ignore
8 What encourages me?
9 How do I encourage others?
10 Something to share
11 A time I made a good choice
12 My favourite meal
13 An important truth
14 The thing that gives me hope
15 The last library I visited
16 A minor roadblock in my life
17 One thing to do today
18 What am I waiting for?
19 What really matters
20 A way to relax
21 A celebration
22 One thing not to worry about
23 Three good thoughts
24 The best part of a rainy day
25 A simple pleasure
26 What have I learned today?
27 The best restaurant in my town
28 One thing I wish I could do
29 My best quality
30 One thing I say I think, but really don’t