Consensual Non-Consent · Jibberish · Master/slave


One word. All the power. When you take a moment to consider this word, you realize that with it, actions are fun. Without it, they could be deadly.

Today as I climbed into Sir’s truck leaving work, I thought about how His vehicle is just one more avenue to express my submission. A few weeks ago we gave away “my” car. It was one of the last things still in my possession from my life prior to Sir. It felt like one less thing keeping me tied to any idea of not being owned. And I smiled. I thought about how happy it makes me and also how others might see this form of control as a negative. That led me to think about how those of us who live this lifestyle in a very legitimate, ethical way maintain it without it being abusive. It would be so easy for a Master who has complete control to flip the switch and go from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Nasty. What keeps us legit? What keeps us happy?

Consent. Consent keeps us legit. Consent keeps us happy. Everyday I consent to His rule. Everyday He takes care of me, loves me and keeps me safe. Every single day He makes sure I have everything I need. No one has ever taken care of me the way He has, the way He does and I will continue to consent for as long as He will allow me to. He has always taken His role as Master very seriously. I have never known Him to waver or not do what is right. It is because of His commitment to His role and responsibility that I trust Him to always do what is right for me.

And all of this is courtesy of consent. I don’t envy the dominant types. If we’re being real here the truth is the only power they have is the power their submissives give them. If they’re not really in tune with their submissives it could be a challenge knowing where that line in the sand (aka consent) is drawn. In our lifestyle consent can quickly diminish and all parties, especially the dominant must be aware. Communication is so important for this reason.

We have chosen to live a consensual non- consent lifestyle. To me this is a no brainer as a slave. What this means to us is that I’ve surrendered my rights to not consent. I trust Him more than I do myself. He has spent many years learning me, inside and out. There’s not a fleeting thought in my mind that would lead me to not trust Him. As I mentioned above, most people would consider this risky behavior and it isn’t something I take lightly. I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my life. I am His to use and abuse as He sees fit.

I’ve said all of this to express the importance of consent and how giving up consent to the right partner can be a beautiful thing. I’m living my best life. Even during this difficult phase of my journey I’m still right where I want to be. I’m still loved and cared for and treated with the utmost patience and understanding. These are the things I feel when I think about relinquishing consent.

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