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Giving Away His Happiness

With all the turmoil that has been our lives as of late, I have found myself in a state of despair. It isn’t chronic, this too shall pass. In fact the load is lightening already.

The big news and changes are Sir’s new job. It was a huge decision for our family and He spent many sleepless nights examining the possibilities from every angle. In the end the leap was worth the risk.

The first two weeks are in the books. I’m very excited for Him, there is lots of work to do and it’s right in His wheelhouse. There’s still plenty of stress as we’re adjusting to new schedules and expectations but as I said above, every day seems to get a little easier and more manageable.

It isn’t often I just close my doors and tell everyone who comes knocking that I’m on empty and have nothing left to give. Sir has taught me to be a gracious host, whether it be to guests in His home or guests in my head. His latest lesson has taught me to remember the importance of our happiness. I wrote on this subject in my last post but at this time have chosen to keep it private. I will share the basis of the post, however. I wrote about what happiness means to us and what lengths we will go to maintain that happiness. Today’s post is about my part in creating, capturing and curating that happiness.

The lesson Sir taught me is that feeling of happiness that I experience is HIS. I feel happiness because of Him. I do not get to have my own emotions, the feelings I have are granted by Him. When I’m having those days of discontent, especially when I’ve allowed some one else to put me in that spot… That’s a no-no. Sir is the only one who controls me, giving away His Happiness is not acceptable.

Since this ah-ha moment I’ve made it a priority to practice what He’s taught me. I believe that the mind is a powerful thing. I believe we can think ourselves free of cancer if we set our minds to it. There’s no reason I can’t maintain that happiness He has given me. There’s no reason I can’t share it but I absolutely will not allow anyone else to take it from me and moreover, I will not give it away.

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