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It’s been a week. Who am I kidding, it’s been a couple of months lol. Even though we’ve got a lot going on Sir remains my constant. He’s not freaking out. He’s not overreacting. He’s not falling apart. He is stressing but no one would ever know. He has this tremendous ability to remain calm. Somehow, He manages everything that comes His way with a sense of confidence and authority. I suppose that may be why He is the Dominant. The Boss. It’s what He does… Not just in my life but the lives of SO many others.

Even with all that He has going on, Sir graciously allows me to bring my nonsense to Him. He hears my woes and instructs me in how I should manage myself. Sometimes it isn’t the response I want but it is always the response that I need.

There have been several times in the past few weeks that I found myself on a ledge. Not because of some monumental event that occurred but because all of the very small run of the mill affairs that vaguely affect me. I don’t know why I’m allowing this silliness to get to me the way it does or why I haven’t put my shield up to it but I haven’t.

Today was one of those days. Something was bothering me and when I took it to Sir He replied with a TikTok video and my goodness! It was a powerful one.

The donkey said “the grass is blue”

“No,” replied the tiger, “the grass is green”

The discussion heated up and the two took the matter before the lion,the king of the jungle, for arbitration.

Even as they reached the jungle clearing, where the king was sat in his throne, the donkey began yelling

“Your highness, isn’t it true that the grass is blue?”

The lion replied “the grass is blue”

Hurrying on toward the king,
the donkey said

“The tiger disagrees with me,
he contradicts and annoys me, please punish him”

And the king agreed and said

“The tiger will be punished with 5 years of silence”

The donkey hopped and skipped in jubilation and went on his way happily saying

“The grass is blue, the grass is blue”

The tiger took his punishment on the chin but before he did so he said to the lion

“Your majesty, why have you punished me? The grass is green.”

The lion replied “true, the grass is in fact green”.
The tiger the asked

“why, your highness, have you punished me”

And the lion replied

“the punishment is not because of the question of whether the grass is blue or green but because it is not possible for such a brave and intelligent creature such as yourself to waste time arguing with a donkey and then worse, to bring the matter before me for arbitration.”

The worst waste of time is arguing with a zealot who doesn’t care about truth or realities but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions.

Never waste time getting entangled in arguments that make no sense.

There are people who, in the face of all the evidence, are able to hold a reasoned argument or change their opinion and there are others who are blinded by hatred, hubris and the politics of grievance.

Only one is to be right, whether they are or not.

When ignorance screams, intelligence is silent.

Don’t let your peace of mind and the stillness of your soul become infected by the poisonous passions of others.

And then I could breathe. I mean… After I finished crying. I was so devastated when I realized what pettiness I was bringing to Him, all I could do was allow the tears to fall.

I am so thankful to have some one in my corner who will always have my best interest in mind. No matter what, I know I have His support.

The longer I live this life with Him, the more I learn how to improve. And the more I can improve myself, the better I can serve Him and fill my purpose in this life.

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