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Reflections- 2 years later

A few days ago I was reading THIS post and mentioned it to Sir. He asked me to reflect on it and talk about how things have changed or stayed the same over the past year. I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since we met.

It’s been a while since I read my first posts, the ones where I talk about how we met. THIS one is our actual meeting (the previous 2 are leading up to it), but that one up there… That’s where the magic happened. I told Sir I knew I was His from the moment I met Him. I remember hugging Him and thinking that I never wanted that to stop… and I still don’t.

Not a lot has changed really.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  In fact, I think it’s good.  I’ve told Him that one of the things that terrifies me is that I will change, or WE will change (as in a shift to a more vanilla lifestyle).  I do NOT want that to happen.  M/s is what makes us US.  We met under the pretense of being Master/slave because that is what we both needed from a partner (and trust me, I use the term “partner” very loosely LOL).  Our dynamic is extremely important to both of us and I think that as long as we keep that at the forefront of our relationship we will be okay.  It’s when we start letting things slip and don’t stay on top of our roles, when things change that we will have problems.  So in this case, not changing is good.

There have been new routines and expectations put into place and enforced over the past year. These have been really good for me because while I do well in an ever changing environment, I thrive when I know what is expected of me on a daily basis.  I admit, I go through phases of doing very well with my routines and not doing very well.  Sir is a patient man (fortunately that has not changed) and will let me know when things are getting out of hand.  Most of the time He will give me a warning before a punishment.

We’ve certainly become more comfortable with one another. He knows what makes me tick. Most of the time He catches onto things that are happening with me before I do.  He always recognizes the signs of my cycle approaching. He knows when I need attention and when I need to be ignored. And vice versa, I’ve definitely learned when I can be silly and when I cannot. I’ve learned some of the little things that I know please Him and how I can relieve some stress when He’s having a rough day.  It’s fun going through the stages of a relationship with Him. I’m STILL massively in love with Him.  My heart still goes all aflutter when I kneel, waiting for the moment He walks in the door. But it’s also nice to begin moving to that stage of actually knowing one another. I don’t have to ask Him what kind of drink I should order for Him if I go pick up food or what size jeans I should buy when I go to the store and He points out fences that are quirky because He knows that’s what I like.

Sometimes when I look back and think about where I came from and the life I had before Him and all the fun memories I have of our journey that has brought us to where we are at this very moment I get a little emotional (in a very good way).  I’m still in awe that I’ve found this man who is perfect for me in every way and He wants me… ME! I think that these days that is a very rare thing.  Maybe it’s because people just aren’t honest with themselves and let emotions get in the way.  Being in love feels so good so we’re willing to overlook those little differences we have but when the honeymoon is over and that feeling that we thought was love starts to fade, all we’re left with is those little differences.  I think that if we’re honest with ourselves and seek out those traits that we truly desire, deep down, then we can build something that will last for the long haul.

Aside from all that, how exciting is it to think that our best days are yet to come?  I just know that we have SO MANY more good memories to create together.  I won’t say that I couldn’t be happier than I am right now because every single day I find more joy and happiness in my life and my relationship with Sir than I ever imagined.  So far, these are the happiest days of my life but what the future holds for us will be even better.

I really like how I ended my last paragraph in my 1 year anniversary post and since it still rings true today I thought I would post it as a closing paragraph here as well.  Thank you Sir for choosing me.

I am very fortunate.  I feel like my life is a charmed one.  What I am today is because of Him and it’s only been a year.  I know what my future holds because He has told me and I’m excited to see it come to be.  I look forward to many more years with Sir.  Some day I will look back at these posts and see how much I’ve grown as His slave and I will be just as amazed then as I am today.  I am His and I am proud.

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