Emotional · Jibberish

A Drifting Thought

Sir is sick. Like REALLY sick. Last night when it was bed time He brought the laptop with Him so He could watch Netflix while I slept.

I remember drifting in and out of sleep while He watched His movie. I don’t remember any details now but I know I was having weird dreams. I would wake up and look at the computer screen then fade off to sleep again.

One time my eyes fluttered open and I snuggled up against Him. He asked me if I’m happy. I smiled and told Him that of course I’m happy. As I started to nod off I asked Sir if He remembered saying He thought I liked it when I told Him about some one calling Him my husband. He said that He remembered. “I did like it” I mumbled, sleepily. “I know” He replied and I faded away again.

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