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Dumb Cunt 2

I couldn’t possibly do anything dumber than what I did today.

Let me begin by reminding you that I’m a big girl.  I’m working on it.  But I’m a big girl.

This morning Sir woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Not happy.  At all.  He was taking me to work today and we slept as long as we could so we had just enough time for a quick shower and I threw some leftovers in our lunchboxes and off we went.  I suggested we grab a breakfast sandwich but He quickly squashed that idea.

Fast forward to lunchtime at work.  It was a catered lunch day.  YESSSSS!  I was stoked, since I ate my lunch for breakfast.  I texted Sir to let Him know it was my lunchtime, we usually talk during lunch. He texted me back and said He call in a bit and that was followed by this picture…


TWO drinks and a water that hasn’t even been touched.  Aaaaand He’s (obviously) going to have lunch.  Not happy, I texted back and said “Whaaaat? And I couldn’t have a breakfast sandwich??” Without missing a beat he replied and said “No, you couldn’t”

I said all that to lead up to this next very stupid thing I did.  I loaded up my plate of delicious catered food, took a pic aaaaand… Yep, you guessed it, sent it right on to Him.  Clearly, this dumb cunt didn’t think that through.  Just because He isn’t here doesn’t mean He’s any less in charge of me.  “Do not eat all of that!!”

Instantly, I realized the error of my ways.  Had I not tried to get even I could have just enjoyed my big ole plate of delicious catered food, but noooooo!  Had to poke the bear.  He allowed me to eat half of my food and go back for extra salad.

When I was done eating and no longer hangry I thought about that little scene that transpired.  I was cranky.  Everyone knows you don’t mess with a big girl’s food.  But in reality, my emotions don’t matter.  What matters is pleasing Him.  Not that He needs a reason to tell me what I can and cannot eat but I know He was doing it for my own good.  We both want to eat better and get to a healthy weight and if that means getting a little grumpy then so be it, it will all be worth it.  I’m glad He kept my goal in sight even when I didn’t.  And I’m glad I get to be His dumb cunt.

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