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Dirty princess

When I envision the perfect man for me it is only Sir who comes to mind. He treats me just the way I need to be treated… most of the time. Contrary to popular belief, or at least mine anyway, I’m really not a princess and have no desire to be treated that way.  The more of my (illusion of) “rights” He takes from me, the more I realize that, the deeper I sink and the more I crave to be treated like property.

When I think about the kind of man who would treat me like a sweet little princess, I see some one who is weak.  I’m sure that there are plenty of men out there who treat their women like princesses and they’re not weak but I would gobble up some one like that and spit them out.  He wouldn’t even know what hit him.  I would take advantage of that and before either of us knew it, I’d be running the show and that is NOT what I want.

I need to be kept on a rather short leash and be frequently reminded of my place.  I prefer to follow but will lead out of necessity, meaning if I’m not being led LOL.  Sir is really good at keeping me in line.  And when I said He treats me the way I need to be treated most of the time, what I meant was sometimes He treats me a little too good.

I remember a time before we moved in together when He told me that I needed to come straight home after work.  He said He would use my holes, I would make us dinner and He would leave.  Oh so good sex?  Yes!  Dinner?  Yes!  Leaving?  Not so much.  In fact I told Him that He stayed way too long to make me really feel used.  Not that I’m complaining.  There’s no way He would ever allow me to be in control.  And I actually like that we have the type of relationship where we can just enjoy one another, it isn’t formal at all.  But sometimes too many days pass that He doesn’t put me in my place and I get antsy.

I’ve read about maintenance spankings in other people’s blogs.  Now that we’re living together I REALLY hope we can implement such a thing or perhaps we could come up with some other type of maintenance activity that would be a regular reminder for me.  We’ve talked about it and He’s always open to my suggestions, sometimes He even implements them.

Lately I’ve had a strong craving to be treated kind of poorly.  I know it sounds weird, but I feel like I need to be brought down a little and shown what it could be like, maybe a reminder of how good I really have it.  Sir talks about chaining me up or locking me in a cage and that just pushes me right up to the edge.  I would love to experience that.  Or to be dragged around by whatever means available.  I need to be told how I’m property and nothing more.

We had a house guest last week, some one who works for Sir’s company.  He ordered me to be a good host and make sure our guest always had a beer.  The guest seemed a bit surprised by our way of doing things and almost insisted on getting his own drinks.  Sir told him that wasn’t acceptable because I would get lazy on Him.  It made me beam to be talked about that way.  I think it made Sir proud to have some one who takes such good care of Him and His guest.  At least I hope he was proud.

On a side note, yet related to being a “dirty princess” He has peed on me twice now, both times were amazing and made me feel like a slave… Granted, a horny slave!  I felt marked and owned and happy.  It felt so good.  I REALLY want Him to pee on my pussy.  Especially if He builds up to it.  When He tells me He is going to do things to me it gets me all sorts of hot and horny.  I already know that my pussy is His but to be marked like an animal… Yes please.

It’s all about the power exchange for me. It’s all about being “kept down” in my place.  All my life (even most of my marriage) I’ve been treated really well.  Now I just want to be owned, taken and controlled.  I don’t know if other people have the strong desires for being treated poorly that I do or if it’s just me and something isn’t quite right in my head.  And even if that’s the case, even if I am a little messed up in the head I’m happy, I’m getting what I need.  So does it even matter if I’m crazy?  Aren’t crazy people permitted to be happy?  I’ll take crazy and happy over dull and unsatisfied any day.

I know I got a little off topic in this post but one thought lead to another and this sort of became a brain dump experiment.  My ideas run away with me sometimes.  Until next time, I’m going to go be a Dirty Princess and see where that gets me.

2 thoughts on “Dirty princess

  1. Sounds like all is going well, happy for you 🙂 When we were practicing ttwd we did do maintenance spanking at one point and it really did help reinforce our roles, for both of us. Of course, as you say, it doesn’t have to be spanking necessarily. Small acts, doing things for him, sitting at his feet etc.



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