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I don’t have a post brewing in my head tonight.  I usually try to write my posts through out my day but today was just plain busy!  The posts I really want to write are going to take more than the time I have to put into them tonight so I needed a no-brainer and I found one over on Olivia’s blog that she found somewhere else and they probably found it somewhere LOL.  It’s a list of prompts to write about through the month of September.  They’re not kinky, so sorry LOL.  But if there were a list of kinky prompts floating around out there I’d love to have a link to them and give them a go as well.

  1. The best part of fall…  for me it is the cooler weather.  I’ve always loved the change in seasons and growing up in Florida the change wasn’t very big, but as Fall rolled around the repressive heat would ease off and there would be a cool breeze, the air would become crisp as the muggy heat dissipated.  My birthday is in the Fall and even though it really is just a number, I have to admit I’ve always got a little excited for my birthday.  Sadly the last 16 years I’ve pushed that back because my ex was never big on birthdays but I’m done with not celebrating my birthday.  Starting this year, for my 40th birthday, I’m always going to have an amazing birthday!


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